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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trial by Written Declaration

Save time - avoid court appearances and file your appeal

If you get a moving violation ticket, one of the options is to "Trial by Declaration". This means you feel you are not guilty of the ticket and would like the judge to review the facts.

The form you need to fill out is a TR-205 located at the bottom of this post.

When you receive your courtesy notice, follow the instruction by selecting "Trial by Declaration". Include the bail amount and the form TR-205. If the courtesy notice does not mention "Trial by Declaration", don't worry this is sometimes normal. Just send the bail amount and the form TR-205.

This link suggest you say the following.


You do not need to say anything under "STATEMENT OF FACTS" other than, "I stand by my plea of not guilty." This is not being dishonest; you are innocent until you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the officer fails to submit his/her paperwork, the judge will have to dismiss your case and refund your bail.

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