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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amish - Turns out a cult classic "Shiva Trilogy"

Amish Tripathi - is definitely onto something with his TRILOGY Series. The Immortals of Meluha - just finished the first one and already mid-way through the 2nd one (yes can't wait for the final part to be published and I  am sure we will see a movie made on this)

The main character is LORD SHIVA - set in 1900 BC, Lord Rudra has seemingly made a re-appearance in ancient India, making the trek from the mountains of Kailash to India - a rural immigrant seeking a better life. Some of our traditions and cultures have been explained - some facts, some theory, some imagination and fiction- all boiled together for a dramatic effect and for  splendid fast-paced read.

What is more interesting is how Amish marketed the book - using his social media, aided by his strong business skills as an IIM graduate, and ultimately forced into the world and upon our laps - but it is well deserved. This book rocks! The world of media, has provided marketing tools to the layman. You don't need big budget to get to the big leagues. You can read it on wikipedia or read it here

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