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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dilbert and Wally putting Facebook to work for them

Wally's figured out how to use FB/ Twitter to his own advantage.
Check this out.
Don't give up on it yet - Dilbert has all the words of wisdom for the SV techie!

Personalized 'Dilbert' comic strips

The office life depicted in Dilbert often preys on real-life attitudes and fears. Now, readers of the character can swap places with the eternally befuddled office drone and his not-so-sharp cubicle dwellers. Peanuts Worldwide, the marketing agent for Dilbert, says readers can personalize up to 25 separate Dilbert comic strips with their own images and share them online with others. Using technology created by PixFusion, readers can upload a photo to www.pixfusion.com, select an animated strip and personalize it with their own image, becoming Boss, Wally, Alice or Carol in the Scott Adams-created comic. The strips can be shared via Facebook and other social networking sites and cost 99 cents per strip.

-- Associated Press

BTW if you got uncomfortable reading this - you are spending too much time on FB and Twitter ;-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest gadget - Logitech 700 Universal remote

Logitech is surely on a tear, coming out with some pretty amazing gadgets.
You may have seen one of my earlier write ups on the Squeezebox Radio( read it  here ) definitely an excellent addition to your home - from Logitech. This Universal remote is another great product.
The true test of a gadget is how frequently you end up using it.
And what happens when the newness wears off - does it sit like Woody and Buzz Light year waiting for someone to come play?
This one has passed both the tests with flying colors.

The Universal remotes are a tough sell.
It has to replace something that you and your hands are totally comfortable with.
Shivaum as a two year old had mastered the "motes" uncannily; but for us older folks, simplicity is the key.
After some research, the price point and UI being a couple key factors, I opted to get the Harmony 700.
Well, I am glad I didn't have to return the Harmony 700, it serves its purpose quite well. A single remote to replace 6 different components. In our case, it has worked out quite well for the TV, AMP, Dish DVR and TiVO. The only other remote that we use now is the the PS3 Bluetooth remote, since you need a ps3 Blue tooth adapter to provide blue tooth capabilities to the Logitech 700.

The setup is internet based, and simple! Write down the model numbers for components you would like this remote to work for, connect it into the USB cable and the easy to follow instructions will guide you.
It is a rechargeable remote - and it has been a good 8 weeks since I first charged it...still chugging along.
One touch turn on for multiple devices. Hit "WATCH TV" button and presto, the TV turns on, the AMP turns on, and remote awaits TiVO instructions.

What are the gotchas - The only one that comes to mind is that you can get 70 to 80% of the basic functionality setup fairly quickly. It is the others that are more difficult to setup. For example - the slow motion button (that the TIVO remote has) needs to be programmed manually. But, the basic needs are met by the remote, almost instantly. All the other remotes are piled up hidden now, and only brought out when the Logitech 700 goes missing. 

If you have the multiple-remote-clutter syndrome - I would highly recommend giving this a try.

Check out the reviews from Amazon here

Which Logitech Harmony Remote Is Right For You?
Harmony 650
For control that's bright and brilliant
Harmony 700
For simple control that's always charged and ready
Harmony One
For simple, stylish touch-screen control
Harmony 900
For complete control of devices you can't see
Harmony 1100
For personalized control of your home theater system
  Control Features Harmony 650 Harmony 700 Harmony One Harmony 900 Harmony 1100
Tablet design with 3.5" touch screen
Customizable screens for more powerful personalization
RF control for devices inside closed cabinets RF system included RF Wireless Extender sold separately
Touch screen
Docking Station

Docking Station

Docking Station
Bright LCD color display
One-touch controls for multiple activities
Always growing database of 225,000+ devices—works with what you own today and tomorrow
Simple online setup with PC or Mac (Windows XP, Vista or 7 or Intel-based Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later)
Live support if you hit a snag
Help button so you're never stuck
1-year warranty
How many devices can it control? 5 6 15 15 15

Product Description

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