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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Training your brain

Some simple tips to fine tune the inner workings of the brain.
Tip 1: Walk in someone else's emotional shoes.
This is so true.
Listening to Marissa yesterday @ TiEcon, and the google policy of 20% again reinforced that.
Get out, and try something new, something different.
Get the juice flowing again.
The beaten path is very easy to stay on, but do you have it check out and explore something outside your comfort zone?

Contrary to popular belief, high achievement has very little to do with IQ, say Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent, authors of The Winner's Brain. It's motivation and resilience, they say, that wires a winner's brain. Here are ways to flex that brain muscle:
Cultivate a sense of empathy. Anything that allows you to walk in someone else's emotional shoes will broaden your perspective, make you more aware of your own abilities and expand on your emotional range — all aspects of a winner's brain. Get creative to create compassion. Try reading books for the opposite gender or another nationality or take a class meant for someone in a different profession.
Edit your brain. Pick up your mental duster and sweep unneeded information away. If you learn to recognize information you don't need upfront, you can make room for the more substantive.
Use mental ‘bookends.' When stressors pile up at once, its hard to be productive. Try a technique called “bookending.” You can use cue words like “now” to act as a bookend. Put everything but one task on the other side of that bookend so you can work on accomplishing that one goal. Once you've completed that task, lift the bookend and move on to the next.
— Cara Hedgepeth  - From here

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