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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still cloudy !

Tried playing COD lately on your PS3? Or perhaps streaming a movie via Netflix?

Ain't working, as the Play Station Network has been down for more than a week now.
Sony's network got hacked and it is seemingly taking forever for it to come back up. 
Read the story here

Best of luck to you, if you are running deep cloud services - with not an alternative thought of.
Last year, Drop.io that Google had partnered with to store podcast album cover images went kaput - and Google - and the rest of the world - lost lots of valuable information that were attached to those podcast images.

And you may still remember the story from October 2009, T-Mobile losing their customers contacts, calendar and other personal info.

Have a complex NAS solution for your data?  You will very easily get lots of free advise, about adopting the cloud model - and placing your "media assets"onto the Amazon cloud, or your pictures onto shutterfly, flickr etc.. You better give that a second thought? My take - you have to be really careful before going out and plunking all your historical pictures, videos onto the cloud - without a backup that you have stowed away. With this recent fiasco, Amazon has clearly demonstrated that it may have been first in the market,  but it is definitely not ready for prime time. Amazon's downtime has affected its customers - Reddit, Foursquare, Quora and Hootsuite. For Amazon, the consequences will be far reaching.

There is a definite trend for personal computing to be transformed into thin clients as well as cloud's relevance for the mobile platform - but this is still an evolving technology . The solution that is emerging for the enterprise though is being built upon robust standards, and well crafted - can't go wrong with that.

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