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Sunday, December 11, 2011

‘Boombaat’ of a performer, Vidya Balan

Saw Dirty Picture - AMC Mercado last Sunday, almost on a whim.
Thoroughly enjoyed the movie - reminded us of the '80s movies.
This one seeks to painstakingly create the character of Silk Smitha from the '80s and the surrounding ambiance around it - even the movie poster takes us back in time.
Silk Smitha is just a an excuse for us to re-live those times, the crassness that Kader Khan and gang brought to movie making back then, the - but it was still ENTERTAINMENT*3, where the inane ruled, movie plots followed brazen formulas, but still churned out enjoyable fares, perhaps because it was the taste of those times.

(And you can download many of these 80s flicks freely available on Youtube now in 720p - Look for Himmatwala, Abdullah etc to re-live those moments from that bygone era)

Vidya Balan has acted very well -the character has been developed - without slowing the movie down, to a point where the audience is rooting really hard for Silk. She apparently gained a good 25 lbs for this role - good to see our Bollywood actresses going that extra length to bring credence to a role
and the dialogues are the best part - by Rajat Arora.
Both Vidya and Rajat deserve an award for this.
Even TUsshar Kapoor has a very special role.
Naseerudin Shah as matinee idol SURYA does justice as is expected.

As the opening credits come on - the music just takes off - and I thought it was perhaps from some old Silk Smitha hit, but turns out it is from the 2008 Tamil hit KADHALIL VIZHUNTEHN...what a master insertion of this track intertwined into the movie at various points for such a dramatic effect.  Did I mention you get to hear Bappi Lahiri in this movie? Really good to see Bappida back....Bappi Lahiri's song just had the foot moving - really good song (just play the above video)
Overall - time well spent, paisa wasool as they say.
The best part was the late Sunday movie had junta behaving like rickshawallas of Mumbai
Seeeeteee bajaaao - right from the get go - the techies, engineers in the audience were cheering, laughing, and made it a real treat to watch.

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