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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Tooth Car Stereo

 Updated March 2012
 Swapped out the SONY MEX BT2800 with PIONEER DEH-P8400BH 
The Pioneers create incredible sound ambiance - such a wonderful driving experience (in comparison to the Sony). The reasoning for the swap - HD Radio BUILT IN & a Sound Microphone at the steering wheel. The Sony had  HD RADIO READY - but really no HD. Check out the reviews on Amazon
This is an expensive option, but a plethora of features
- USB connection in your dashboard. My installer left it outside and I can charge another device on it.
-  Microphone hookup at the steering wheel (heard complaints from the SONY microphone that was built into the stereo, but captured a lot of audio disturbances)
- HD Radio sounds awesome
- Lot more variables to producer richer sound

Originally written March 2011
If you are still fiddling with cables, FM transmitter, AUX cables etc., and being the road hazard, it is time to get on with  the program.

Get that car stereo replaced with one with Bluetooth.
Makes calling, listening to music - just a simple task.
And you will be calling hands-free
Do you really want to risk getting that hefty ticket?

Other feature functions you want to look for.
HD ready is not good enough, only if you listen to a lot of FM radio
In that case, you will need a radio with built-in HD.

The one that I bought is here
Pretty good deal from Frys - includes life time install warranty

Sony MEX-BT2800


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