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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delhi Belly - The New Rage

The city loves it Belly much

Amir Khan in an item number ?
Well, thats Delhi Belly for you.
This one is heading to cult status already
Bhaag Bhaag D K Bose...to the movie theatre and check this out.
This one is out there presenting it the way it should be, no holds barred.
Check it out!

And again - not for the faint hearted.
This one has opened a new chapter in Bollywood history.
If you don't get D K Bose (watch the song) perhaps this movie ain't for you ;-)

Added 7/12
Some of you were asking me how to download these youtube videos.
Here is how...
You will need to add a firefox extension for youtube (google search)
Restart Firefox when done
and then you can just download songs from youtube by selecting 1080p
Some still have bad sound (compressed sound) with decent picture
But some of them have spectacular sound and picture
Download J LO's latest - fantastic to listen to
And download DELHI BELLY songs from YOUTUBE - HD quality
Download DHINCHIKA DINCHIKA - that is a treat too

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