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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Procrastinating with ROKU3

So the new ROKU3 box had been sitting around for a couple weeks now. With the mindset that it will take sometime to get all the channels and settings to replicate from ROKU2 How mistaken was I In about 10 minutes flat, I had gotten all my ROKU2 channels to show up on ROKU3 - and then some.

 I have been a satisfied ROKU2 user for a couple years now - not that I am a power user; the idiot box is really not meant for the likes of me But, the feature functions are quite compelling...

So...how is ROKU3 First glance...the speed is perceptibly improved. Excellent user interface enhancement. A few more channels that get enabled out of the box But the killer feature...the remote has the option to plug-in a headphone. Watch late night tv ..quietly

The $49.99 Roku LT comes with all the same content as the latest box, and will get a software update soon that will bring the UI on par, but only this one has the headphone jack in the remote.

Videos? mp4 is supported along with MKV. You still can't play MPG and MTS files.

And yes, I have the ROKU app on my iphone which can do a few tricks too.
Looking for something to watch - just search it via the ROKU interface and all the price options will pop up
In comparison to AppleTV - Airplay and YouTube are still missing.

Neverthless, ROKU still rocks...in this day and age, you cannot have a single price for lots of junk that we don't watch. The app store has defined the world that we know, and the channel app store (see my other article on this blog about NA NA NA ROKU) continues to make that paradigm shift. If you haven't explored it, well...get on with the times

Quoting Blogger David Pierce "I've used an Xbox 360 for my TV-watching needs; I've been a relatively happy WD TV Live Hub owner; my Apple TV remains one of the most-used gadgets I own; I at one point used a Chromebox for streaming movies straight through a browser; I've even repurposed a Mac Mini and an old Windows laptop as ersatz media centers. One device has just never done the trick for me, because I watch so many things and the industry is unfortunately in a place where almost no device or service has everything I need"

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