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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Join your city's District Change Captain leadership team

Hi Friend,

We are super excited about our  "District Neighborhood Council" initiative. We invite you to join an empowered group of citizens who are taking charge with their specific neighborhood issues and challenges.  
Sign up today at https://rishikumar.com/CAPTAIN 
Watch this video where Rishi explains this leadership opportunity.

Join this distinguished team and become your neighborhood's representative as a "District Change Captain." This is an opportunity for you to take charge, express your voice, get involved with some of the major issues in your city and in your neighborhood. We will conduct monthly meetings, provide  resources, along with access to networking and training opportunities to get you empowered as your neighborhood's leader.   

As a councilmember of Saratoga, Rishi got involved with various challenges such as rising burglaries and increasing water rates. Rishi collaborated with many neighborhoods and held over hundred neighborhood meetings in alleviating these top challenges. He rolled out a repeatable framework for neighborhood block parties that provided our neighbors the forum to connect, communicate and collaborate and tools to organize surveillance cameras. We kept our neighborhood leaders and our neighbors informed. Rishi also engaged the youth with a new internship role, providing them the leadership opportunity.

The results were phenomenal! We dropped burglaries by 50% and rejected, reduced or suspended 7 water rate increase proposals of San Jose Water Company. This brought our neighbors together, even elevated the happiness of neighborhoods. Interestingly, while going through the process we discovered many new neighborhood leaders that stepped up, took charge and were empowered to go out and make a difference.  

That is exactly the purpose of this leadership role with the "District Neighborhood Council" team.  

Join us.... "Lead...start a conversation that matter." Together we can make change happen!    

Let's get together and collaborate!  


***We can't change a corrupt system by taking its money.
- That is why Rishi is the only Congressional candidate in this race (CD 18) to take the pledge to refuse large corporate and special interest donations. As an elected leader, Rishi believes in making fearless citizen-centric choices to address the top challenges of his community. 
- Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has received over $7M special interest money plunked into campaign funds https://tinyurl.com/RepEshooOpenSecrets1
- Congresswoman Eshoo is the #1 career recipient of campaign contributions from Big Pharma in the U.S. House of Representatives. https://tinyurl.com/RepEshooOpenSecretsPharma
- A quote from this article "Anna Eshoo's record on drug prices is terrible, and the reason why is obvious," David Mitchell, founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs. "She's taken enormous sums of money from drug corporations, and she does their bidding in Washington."
Here is an article that is titled "New Health Subcommittee Chair Has Taken More Pharmaceutical Money Than Any Other Rep California's Anna Eshoo has sponsored legislation backed by the pharmaceutical interests funding her campaigns"

***Rishi bring a fearless citizen-centric agenda

Rishi is a Silicon Valley hi-tech software executive, and a Saratoga councilmember in his 2nd term. Last year, Rishi was voted in with the most votes in Saratoga's election history based on an exemplary people-centric agenda of addressing the tough challenges,

- As an elected leader, Rishi fearlessly challenged a water utility company and is pushing back on their ballooning profits, rampant rate increases and has demonstrated success by rejecting, reducing or suspending a total of 7 water rate increases.
- Rishi focused upon rising burglaries and through a series of measured dropped it by 50%
- Rishi will be UnBought and UnBossed squarely there for the people, serving diligently with citizen-centric behavior, not at the behest of Washington lobbyists.
- Rishi will prioritize the health of the American people over health industry profits. Together, we have to be prepared to take on the incredible power of the insurance industry, the drug industry, and the entire healthcare industry to reduce our growing healthcare burden.
You can view Rishi's priorities at www.RishiKumar.com/priorities

**Rishi seeks to change the culture of Washington.
- Rishi brings a new leadership for the future of the district via a nexus of tech and political success.  Rishi is running with a deep commitment to you and public service.
Citizen-centric values in Washington? How novel! Rishi is committed to bring a new energy and do the right thing for our citizens, stepping up for the tough challenges. He seeks to solvie problems  via focused efforts, to bring people-centric values to Washington and change the broken culture where special interest groups are having a field day and the voices of people are not being heard. 

Rishi gets Tech and Silicon Valley's innovation agenda.
Rishi is invested to grow our innovation economy and position Silicon Valley for  economic success and technology domination. Do you recall the Zuckerberg and Pichai congressional hearings from 2018?  As we begin to talk about how AI, automation, and globalization will impact jobs and a 21st century economy, we must ensure our leaders are well-versed in shaping the debate and steering America towards a new vibrant future.  Do you think our elected leaders are prepared to address how the acceleration and adoption of such technology is vastly changing our nation. Congress has leaders that are "technology illiterate." We can do better!

**Rishi's campaign is People-Powered
Rishi has campaigned in every city of our congressional district. See the video 
We are powered by people NOT those with deep pockets or Special Interest Groups.
Please join the grassroots movement to define a new future for Silicon Valley.
Visit http://rishikumar.com/volunteer
Make a $5 campaign contribution at www.RishiKumar.com/contribute

After many town hall meetings - 3 a month - since June 2019, we are getting feedback from our neighbors. Read it here  and here. At the town hall meeting and the weekly "Rush hour with Rishi" we discuss topics such as neighborhood safety, water, communication and healthcare, along with the PG&E debacle that is playing out. Here is my take on that and recent press releases

Hope to see you soon

Team Rishi Kumar for Congress



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