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Monday, March 16, 2020

Success stories of neighbors helping neighbors

Paula was delighted when she found the grocery bag sitting on her porch.

Hi Friend,

 You are invited to join the Coronavirus webinar tomorrow with a few medical professionals at 6:30pm.
RSVP at 


Paula was delighted when she found the grocery bag sitting on her porch. "It was a wonderful service for our household of 70 somethings to get groceries delivered today by a volunteer! With our shopping list,  she got what we needed and delivered it to the porch where I had set out the cash reimbursement. We are now set for many more days! I hope more people who are sheltering in place (our middle aged children are insisting on it!) use the service. It's a way to make this big metropolitan area feel like a small, friendly neighborhood."
Our Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team is making a difference. Let us continue doing our bit.
Three options for you:
- Easiest options is to print this form and leave outside the doors of your neighbors. Just your street is a great start. You can also email your neighbors via an email group or NextDoor letting them know that you are available to help.
- If you would like to call 65+ seniors to check on them, we have the call list. Just reply and let me know.
- If you would like to target 65+ seniors in your city, we have the list of doors. You will drive a wider area, but will reach a lot more seniors who are looking for help. NOTE: This may no longer be an option based on the "Shelter in Place" protocol, we are still reviewing the protocol.

Please do take the coronavirus survey at
If you were unable to attend the training call, please watch this training video to get started
Invite others to join you:  You may also invite your neighborhood leaders and friends to join the NPPT team by submitting their information here and joining other training calls. We will conduct a few over the next few days

- Rishi Kumar
Candidate for United States Representative, District 18


How can I help my self-quarantined neighbors?

Do you want to help your neighbors who are high-risk and quarantined? You can organize a Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team by submitting your information here

We are organizing efforts to help our seniors and vulnerable neighbors, those who have self-quarantined.
They need help with essentials such as groceries and medication while they are quarantined

Here is an easy to follow action plan for you to get involved and help vulnerable neighbors in your immediate vicinity:

  • Option 1: If you have Neighborhood Safety Watch leaders or CERT leaders, you can work with your leadership team to get the NPPT organized and help your immediate neighbors, especially the quarantined seniors.
  • Option 2: If your neighborhood does not have an established leadership team today, you can take charge. It is simple. Our team is available to help you. Just fill the form here
  • Action Plan:

Remember  that coronavirus has a long incubation period, where you may be a carrier and infect others even though you currently show no symptoms. Because seniors are so vulnerable, we should avoid in-person contact with them as much as possible. Use Facetime or email to check up on them instead.



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