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Friday, June 12, 2020

Doors are closing. Apply now

Summer internship + our 1st annual hackathon

Hi Friend,

Students can get involved in the community by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 all-year Internship program. There are many opportunities that work for your flexible schedule, that involve pandemic work, community work, political campaign work and activism with specific local challenges.
To get involved, students can submit their info at RishiKumar.com/Fellowship to  be invited to a short interview. Our internship is mirrored after the fellowship program of President Obama's winning re-election run in 2012. Last summer the Kumar for Congress team had students participating from Stanford University, Georgetown University, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, U.C. Berkeley, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and high schools such as Bellarmine, Palo Alto, Gunn, Lynbrook, Monte Vista, Saratoga, Harker etc.
Rishi won his re-election with the most votes in Saratoga's 60 year election history, is a Bernie Sander 2016 Delegate and running on a progressive platform that rejects PAC money and Special Interest Group money. Rishi's intern team is currently doing the following pandemic activities: helping neighbors with their groceries, medication pick-ups, making masks, running informational podcasts and town hall meetings "Reality Check with Rishi" along with a coronavirus newsletter. Rishi is also engaged with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and has held multiple town hall meetings discussing America's challenge on hand. Visit RishiKumar,com/BlackLivesMatter
Joining the Fellowship Program would allow you to:
Get a personal letter of recommendation at the end of the program upon request
- Get volunteer hours as per their request
- Earn valuable political and leadership experience while working alongside dozens of your peers
- Have the chance to win MVP awards and get recognized for your achievements at the weekly fellowship meeting as well as campaign gatherings.
- Have the chance to run for the California Democratic Party Executive Board or for a DNC Delegate position during the California Primaries
- Have the chance to earn passes to the California Democratic State Convention. Many of our interns have attended prior conventions and shook hands with Presidential candidates.
Rishi Kumar has won every election (8-0) he has been part of:
- In 2018, Rishi won with the most votes in Saratoga's 60 year election history. 
- Rishi set history by being the first Democratic challenger to make it past the primary election in this congressional district
- Rishi has raised more campaign funds than any other challenger in last 28 years of this district.
Past Testimonials
"I have been empowered like never before after being a part of the Fellowship program. Rishi is a great mentor, taking the time to get to know each of us, creating leadership opportunities for every intern. He works to bring the best qualities out of you and helps you build upon them. I took advantage of many such opportunities and discovered true empowerment. Today, I am an elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party, with the opportunity to attend the annual CA Democratic state convention. Yes, Rishi opens doors for us as he is a great mentor to have for life. Yes, it is truly a life changing experience and Rishi's leadership team will help enable it for you too. I completely endorse this program. It truly changed my life!" 
- Anusha Kondiparti, University of California Berkeley, Class of 2022

We have had only 2 competitive congressional races in Silicon Valley. This is a unique opportunity that is not to be missed.



You are being invited to participate in a hackathon hosted by Rishi Kumar, candidate for US Congress in CA Congressional District 18. The Hackathon is open to all middle, high school and college students of Silicon Valley who want to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, both coders and non-coders are welcome

The Goal: to solve problems related to COVID-19 and bring innovation to our nation's fight against this pandemic. There are 2 tracks and students can choose any one:

  • Policy participants will create a policy paper about specific local, state and federal challenges
  • Programming participants will create web or mobile apps on various platforms as solutions to current pandemic-related problems.

WHEN: Saturday June 13th,  9:00 am to 7:00 pm PST 

         Sunday June 14th, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST including awards ceremony

Location: Online via Zoom

Sign up at:  RishiKumar.com/hackathon
NOTE: Every participating team member needs to sign-up at this link

By participating in this hackathon you will be adding your ideas to help shape our community's response to the current pandemic and to better prepare for the future. I hope you will join us!

An internship program for your students at home

Students can get involved in the community and help with the pandemic crisis by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 Internship program. This is Year #6 of Rishi's summer internship program

To get involved, submit your info at RishiKumar.com/Fellowship and you will be invited to a short interview.

Our team is currently doing the following:

#1 SENIOR CARE: Calling seniors and offering help, coordinating grocery drop-offs, medication drop-offs and much more. We are even preparing home cooked lunches and dinners for the seniors who are looking for a change of menu.

#2 VIDEOCAST & NEWSLETTERS: Researching Coronavirus specific issues for our podcast "Reality Check with Rishi" the daily podcast. Details at RishiKumar.com/RealityCheck.

#3 MASKS: We are making regular cloth masks to protect our healthcare front-line warriors. Over 2500 masks donated already to Valley Medical Foundation. Our interns are also making face shields on 3D printers for PAMF

#4 NEWSLETTER: Info blast with our Coronavirus newsletter. Details at RishiKumar.com/Coronavirus

#5 TOWN HALL MEETINGS: We are hosting weekly town hall meetings: Coronavirus myth busters with healthcare professionals, Small Business stimulus loan programs, Youth Town Hall meetings and College Admissions in the post covid-19 world.

Last summer the Kumar for Congress team had many high school and college students participating from Stanford University, Georgetown University, U C Berkeley, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, Bellarmine, Palo Alto, Gunn, Lynbrook, Monte Vista, Saratoga, Harker etc.

Every intern will get a personal letter of recommendation at the end of the program and volunteer hours if needed. Our internship program creates wonderful teaming opportunities for these students and skills that will stay lifelong. Once the lock-down is lifted, interns can work out of the campaign office closest to their home and team up with friends from school. 

Please apply ASAP



- Rishi Kumar




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