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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Education for all

Interesting to see the evolution of education in India.
Many more choices, many more are getting in and will have a variety of career options.
Those elitist days are seemingly long gone...

MUMBAI: Of the 93,232 engineering candidates who got admissions to institutes in the state in the first round on Wednesday, 13,830 secured seats in their preferred colleges and 7,597 in colleges second on their choice list.

A total of 93,232 engineering candidates were allotted seats in the first allotment list for admissions in the state colleges on Wednesday. This year, 13,830 candidates got a seat in a college of their first preference, while 7,597 candidates got their second preference.

The list, which was to be out at 6pm, was delayed by four hours. Students also received text messages from the directorate of technical education (DTE), confirming them about the allocations. A DTE official said, "The delay occurred because we had to remove a couple of colleges from the option list and the order for it came late, just a day before the index was supposed to be published. Students had already opted for those colleges and we had to make changes. Some courses in some colleges were also shut." Updating all these changes took a little more time than promised."

This year, 1,15,397 students were eligible for engineering admissions and 1,08,160 of them confirmed their registration. The Till today, 9,027 students confirmed their admissions and the

last date for confirming admissions is June 29. tnnThis year, the engineering admissions started much before the admissions to IITs and NITs which might cause a large chunk of seats in the top rung colleges to go vacant. DTE officials are compelled to complete the first round of admissions before June 30 and therefore, were unable to postpone the process.

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