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Saturday, July 13, 2013

What after the TESLA?

Tesla Model S is seemingly the mother of all electric cars.
What else is in the pipeline to give the Tesla a run for it's "money"
Here are a few - The Tesla Model X will probably happen sometime in the summer of 2015 (book it now though)
What appeals to me is the two-seater electric car....hmm you are thinking roadster.
The Detroit Electric SP:01 is the world's fastest electric car, and is set to take on Paypal billionaire Elon Musk's Telsa Roadster
Nissan Leaf is not doing as well. Read this one
I do really like the Fiat
"At 108 MPGe highway, Fiat's 2013 500e electric car is the most efficient highway vehicle on sale in the U.S. It also manages an official 87 miles of range, greater than that of other similarly-sized electric cars and more even than some larger models.
While the 500's retro looks will always be an acquired taste, it's one of the more visually interesting electric cars on sale too. Not just thanks to its eye-searing orange paintwork, but also for the aerodynamic wheels, large white front grille and other white detailing.
Inside there's plenty of white and orange trim too, while the usual 500 dual-layer instrument dials are replaced by a TFT screen showing car data. A four-button console occupies the space you'd usually find a gear shifter. Like the BMW i3, customers will also get the use of a free loaner vehicle for longer journeys.
It's just a pity then that, despite all the effort Fiat and Chrysler have put into the 500e, that this one will remain a compliance car--so good luck getting your hands on one outside of California."

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