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Saturday, December 28, 2019

A gentle push into 2020...

Hi Friend,

I look back and am proud of our campaign team.  This run began on February 14th, 2019 and has already gotten the participation of thousands from our district. Yes, we have definitely moved the needle! With 5 candidates running in the primary election of March 3rd, we expect the outcome to be favorable since we are the only team campaigning hard. I have personally met with neighbors in each of the 31 cities of our district and held 3 town hall meetings every month - one in each county. Something the district has never seen in decades!

But, did you know that Special Interest Groups are influencing the politics in our district? They contribute to candidates and elected leaders because they have a kind heart. Really??? 
Please review important facts related to this congressional race
Did you know that our run has already met with attacks and orchestrated resistance?

Why the focus on me, someone who is just minding "my own business?" I bring a people-centric agenda and will independently make choices..not at the behest of lobbyists. I have pledged to NEVER accept PAC money or Special Interest Group money and perhaps that is creating discomfort? 

Who can you trust to do the right thing? A Washington insider who takes in boatloads of campaign contributions every year from PACs and Special Interest Groups? A people culture, not a lobbyist culture is what Washington needs. 

Not all Democrats are the same. If you decide to click on the link above, you can review some key differences. Find out the reasons why we received the most votes in Saratoga's election history last year (Hint: People-centric problem solver who takes on the tough challenges)

I seek your push these last few days of 2019.
Our campaign engine is powered by people and NOT those with an "agenda."
We are short our fundraising target for December due to the holidays.
Can you please make a contribution today to help this run using the link below.
Our run is for people, NOT special interest groups and we are counting on you.
Will you please help me out today? Visit www.RishiKumar.com/contribute
End of the year FEC deadline is Dec 31st.

Warm regards, 
Rishi Kumar
Candidate for United States Congress CD18


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