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Thursday, February 13, 2020

From 4 ...we are down to 3. What did Anna do?

Rep. Anna Eshoo - 28th year in office - accepted $572,461 from the Telecom industry.  Would she favor the people or the Telecom company with the merger? #1 recipient of healthcare money in Congress on

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The courts yesterday approved the T-Mobile and Spring merger. Now we are down to 3 major telecom companies. Does that favor the people? Isn't more competition good? Anna Eshoo flip-flopped on this "Big Telecom Mergers; Extols Virtues of Sprint, T-Mobile Tie-Up." Anna flipped her position on big telecommunications mergers, giving a glowing endorsement of a plan to merge T-Mobile and Sprint, the nation's third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers - scroll down to see how.

Did you know that Anna has received $572,461 from the Telecom industry?  The simple fact is, politicians who receive money from PACs and Special Interest Groups will pay heed to their request. Why? They are afraid of going against their donor groups, as these groups are usually "flush with money." These groups can quickly turn against politicians who vote against their interest by pumping millions of dollars to defeat them.

We have many "bought and sold politicians" in today's world. Who do YOU want to work for you?
- Did you know Congresswoman Eshoo is the #1 Big Pharma campaign recipient in United States Congress?
- Have you seen healthcare legislation that she has passed or not supported?
- Have you seen what voters are saying?

Quotes from a recent San Jose Inside article "The Fly"
Quote#1 "But when the veteran lawmaker Rep. Anna Eshoo, had a chance recently to grill executives over the planned T-Mobile-Sprint merger, she positioned herself firmly in their corner by urging regulators to bless the hugely controversial $26.5 billion tie-up.

Quote#2 Eshoo argued that shrinking the market from four to three major wireless carriers would incentivize 5G rollout and somehow boost competition (a claim belied by a half-century of telecom history, but sure).

Quote #3 A few years before that, Barack Obama's DOJ sued to block AT&T's proposed T-Mobile acquisition; Eshoo applauded the move, saying it reflected her views on the need for "true competition."

Quote #4 It's hard to imagine Eshoo buying her own rationalization. Maybe those $572,000 in career donations from Big Telecom made it easier to suspend scrutiny.

Who can you trust?
Rishi Kumar is unbought and has pledged to NEVER accept PAC money or Special Interest Group Money. Rishi brings a people-centric agenda. 

Don't we need elected leaders who will put people before the corporations?


Robin Williams once said, "Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them"

Isn't it time someone brought a new vision, a new way for our big challenges? 

Rishi works for your interests, not special interests.
Rishi is keenly interested to solve your big challenges.
Click on ARTICLES on our website to see our position statements.

We humbly ask you to stand with our campaign for change.

Can we count on your vote?


In solidarity,  
- Team Rishi

Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020



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