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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

window of 7...

A narrow window...Would you please contribute before our election cycle ends in 7 days? I hope to see you Super Tuesday, March 3rd 7:30pm at our election night watch party in Saratoga

Hi Friend,

I would love to see you on election night, Super Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, and we can together watch the results unfold. Please join us for dinner. 

A narrow window of opportunity closes on March 3rd. We are battling and giving it all we can. Would you please contribute  before our election cycle ends in 7 days? It would help us ramp our social media and send one extra mailer



CALL TO ACTION: Please cast your vote today
5 Steps to vote by mail: Just find your ballot (mailed to you in early February), find a blue/black pen,  fill the oval as shown in the picture below, sign the outside of the envelope, and mail it - no postage required. Easy! If you cannot find your ballot, or have questions on voting call your county office 
Note: If you haven't received a Vote By Mail ballot you can call your county's Election Department and request one.  
Are you looking for in-person voting locations? Just click on the Facebook icon in the signature and look at my first post "How to Vote"

Have you read my op-ed piece published in the Mercury News - a new way to solve our housing, transportation, homelessness challenge, while expanding our tech economy? Have you read "The Tale of 2 Candidates"


In solidarity,  
- Rishi Kumar

Candidate for United States Congress


TEAM RISHI TREASURE CHEST (Click on any link below)
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   Be a District Change Captain Breakfast with Rishi
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   Rush Hour with Rishi Join Team Rishi

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