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Monday, February 4, 2013

Definition of a Mumbaikar

Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan
zara hatke zara bachke
yeh hai mumbai meri Jaan.

What it takes to be a Mumbaikar aka Bombayite?

For a Mumbaikar
-We call everyone BOSS
- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malyalam are all the same ..Madrasi?
-We feel inflation when there is a hike in Vada Pav Price.
-Mumbaikar's invention : Cutting Chai, sweet corn 1/2
-Two God's: Balasaheb Thakarey & Sachin Tendulkar
-Bandra has more stars than the entire Universe
- We do not believe in dances like Salsa, hip-hop and all....just one dance form ... Tapori / Ganpati Dance on Nashik Dhol
- If u shout Ganpati Bappa .....You surely will hear MORYA
- Getting on a VIRAR or Kalyan Train from Dadar is difficult than getting into IIT/IIM
- For us Essel World = Disney Land & Marine Drive is Heaven
-We all know value of a minute when catching a train ..6:01 ki fast local have to catch it ......

That's Mumbaikar.......
(Via Leena Sujan and with twists)

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