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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Online Scheduling Systems

A major element of working with clients, projects or running events is being able to schedule meetings / having a system to book your events online - particularly when collaborating with multiple partners
THere are lots of paid Services - list here
And a few free as well

If you meet on an ongoing basis with clients, conduct sales calls and have subcontractors or team members you regularly meet with, you may find that you are scheduling a few meetings every week. You may be spending a lot of time managing these meetings – coordinating meeting times, confirming appointments, sending out dial-in information or other logistical details, handling cancellations and reschedule requests. It’s a lot of work!

Aside from outsourcing your scheduling duties, there are ways to make the meeting process go smoothly and take you a lot less time in the process. Using an online scheduling and calendar system is one option. You can use these tools as an internal system or even integrate them with your website so clients and colleagues can easily schedule meetings with you (without you having to handle the details). Here are a few online scheduling systems you may want to explore.

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