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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The new private world

(Better shut that door)
Private World,
Private Girl,
Private World
(Better keep it confidential)

Snapchat is a new social network, built for photos, that self-destruct a la mission impossible style, ten seconds after you look at them.

What is going to replace Facebook - a different social media spin that does not care for your history.
Is it POKE? That works on similar lines as Snapchat, and is competing with FB.
Facebook is becoming a fictitious world, where the best laundry is put on display.
A hint of realism is needed, privacy concerns addressed - and there is a new social media startup that is plugging away in India or China that will pull the plug on Facebook...rats jumping out from one thing - and Facebook, Orkut the graveyard of the online world with the Aghoris/ junk mailers rampaging away. The teenagers, GenY, Millennia kids are already jumping ship ...to safe haven, and deserting Facebook without any remorse of missing anything.

 There is no good reason that emails you wrote three years ago should be so hard to delete, or still be living on the servers of your friends’ email clients. Read more:

It is not just Zuckerberg's style to shift from what brought them here - and that becomes the nemesis ultimately, and the sad demise. Here is an interesting theory Disruption guru Christensen: Why Apple, Tesla, VCs, academia may die Read about it here

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