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Thursday, April 2, 2020

$349B distributed under Paycheck Protection Program . Businesses can apply tomorrow

Town hall @ 8pm discusses our stimulus checks eligibility/ small business stimulus options/ furloughed employee

Hi Friend,

Did you know about the Paycheck Protection Program Applications and that certain business are eligible to apply for this starting tomorrow April 3? The Paycheck Protection Program ("PPP") authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. ... The loan amounts will be forgiven under certain circumstances.

  • Do you have questions on the $2.3 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package, The CARES Act that was signed last month?
  • There are many options for businesses of all scale and also for regular wage earners.

    Meet an experienced CPA team at our 8pm town hall meeting today to get your questions answered. This is the 2nd town hall meeting on this topic.

RSVP to join at and you will get a reply back with the meeting id. If you don't find the email in your inbox, check your spam folder please.

Shall we team up and help our neighbors?
This is the time we find so many rallying and supporting neighbors, healthcare workers, and anyone seeking help. We must look out for each-other, especially our seniors, and ones most vulnerable.  The Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT) requests your help in the following areas:

- Our NPPT volunteers are checking in with their neighbors to see if they need help with groceries, medication etc. We are helping senior centers in distributing their food boxes to seniors. Your help is needed. Would you like to launch NPPT for your neighborhood? We can get you started. Join our daily noon call and we will train you.

- We are making Coronavirus specific information accessible and providing the facts versus the fiction. This Coronavirus newsletter has lots of great info. Lots of hyperlinks you can browse through. Our weekday podcast runs through various topics with industry experts.

- We are building regular cloth masks and N95 masks to protect our front-line warriors. If you would like to get trained with building cloth masks, we invite you to a meeting on Saturday, April 4th @ 2:30pm. RSVP using the link below

  • Donate your unused fabric (100% cotton only)
  • Can you stitch and have a sewing machine? Your skills can help us. We provide you the raw material needed and the blueprint to make them
  • High school and college students can join us and help in many areas. Just submit your info using the link below

To get involved, submit your info at Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the web page, fill and submit the form. 


Rishi Kumar

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