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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Can you help us help your neighbors by posting this on NextDoor?

Find below leadership opportunities for the women and youth of Silicon Valley

Hi Friend,

We can hardly keep up with the pandemic requests that are coming our way
Would you please post this -
blue text below - on your city's NextDoor?
It will take you 2 minutes, but would help our mission tremendously with some new volunteer sign-ups.
When you post it, please pick ALL neighborhoods for maximum outreach.

Much appreciated.

Rishi Kumar
Candidate for U.S Congress


SUBJECT: Students can get involved with the pandemic crisis and help
Students can get involved in our community and help our neighbors with the pandemic crisis by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020's pandemic internship team.  To get involved, submit your info at
Every youth will get a personal letter of recommendation at the end of the program and volunteer hours if needed. 

This pandemic team is currently engaged with helping neighbors with the launch of the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team, modeled after the Neighborhood Watch and CERT programs. The extent of their work includes the following:
#1 SENIOR CARE: Calling seniors and offering help, coordinating grocery drop-offs, medication drop-offs. Helping seniors with lunch boxes pickup from the senior center - and much more.

#2 CORONAVIRUS EDUCATION: Researching Coronavirus specific issues for the education series. Daily podcast on topics of healthcare, technology, tech jobs, economy and more. Details at

#3 MASKS: Making regular cloth masks to protect our healthcare front-line warriors. Over 2500 masks donated already to Valley Medical Foundation. Also building face-shields on 3-D printers for our medical professionals.

#4 INFO NEWSLETTER: The Coronavirus newsletter summarized and hyperlinked for easy access on topics such as county offerings, emerging issues, senior care, youth and family programs etc. Details at

#5 TOWN HALL MEETINGS: Hosting weekly town hall meetings: Coronavirus myth busters with healthcare professionals, Small Business stimulus loan programs, Youth Town Hall meetings geared for the post Covid-19 world. Over 20 town hall meetings conducted in the past few weeks

For further info, please contact the campaign team at or visit


A Leadership Opportunity for Women

Women who took a break in their career, here is a stepping stone to relaunch you back. Join the RIshi Kumar for Congress team that will empower you with leadership volunteer opportunities that works for your needs, to get you fired up and ready to relaunch your career with skills that align with your career aspirations. "Tool up, Build up. Launch a New Trajectory" with empowering work experience. Email us at

internship: Empower your student at home with this leadershp opportunity 

Students can get involved in the community and help with the pandemic crisis by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 Internship program. This is Year #6 of Rishi's summer internship program

To get involved, submit your info at and you will be invited to a short interview.

A coding program for your student at home

Today@ 5pm   "Weekday Shelter in Home Entrepreneurship & Coding" Learn Python, Java and JavaScript. No charge to attend. Curriculum and Registration :

Check out the Coronavirus newsletter at


Rishi Kumar
- Candidate for U.S Congress


TEAM RISHI TREASURE CHEST (Click on any link below)
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   Be a Pandemic Captain Meet Rishi
   Internship Email us 
   Reality Check with Rishi Join Team Rishi

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