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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Small business / stimulus package town hall meeting @ 6:30pm today

We will discuss options for you as a wage earner whether you were impacted or not? Options for businesses?

Hi Friend,


Do you have questions on the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package, The CARES Act that was signed last month?

Options for you as a wage earner whether you were impacted or not? Options for businesses?

Meet the Chugh team on my podcast @ 6:30pm today to get your questions answered.

There are many options for businesses of all scale and also for regular wage earners.To join this 6:30pm video call, just call 301 715 8592 or 929 205 6099 and use meeting id 408 429 9222 to dial in with audio only. Alternately just click on this link to join the zoom video session.

We seek your help in building masks for our healthcare professionals
The Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT) requests your help to build masks for our healthcare professionals? Here is how you can help

  • Donate your unused fabric (100% cotton only)
  • Can you stitch and have a sewing machine? Your skills can help us...Help us stitch and put together these masks. We provide you the raw material needed and the blueprint to make them

These masks will be donated to Valley Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente. 
To get involved, submit the form at scroll down all the way to the bottom of the web page and submit the form. The NPPT team is also helping seniors with their groceries, medication even picking up lunch boxes from specific senior centers. We would appreciate all and any helpOur volunteer team will get in touch with you. Join our daily noon call and we will train you.

Healthcare town hall meeting yesterday
We had an excellent Coronavirus focused town hall meeting with a few experienced Geriatrics professionals yesterday.. You can watch the video here .

Have you seen the Coronavirus newsletter?
This Coronavirus newsletter has lots of great info. Lots of hyperlinks you can browse through.



  • Join the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT)  that is helping neighbors and doing our bit to deal with this Coronavirus crisis. 

NPPT is modeled after the Neighborhood Safety Watch Program and the Emergency Preparedness programs. We must look out for each-other, especially for our seniors, and ones most vulnerable. Our NPPT volunteer team is actively engaged in helping neighbors with picking up groceries or medications or anything else they need help with.

Sign-up today at (fill the form at the bottom of the page and submit) and get trained. We will even help you launch a NPPT in your neighborhood. 


Rishi Kumar

Candidate for U.S Congress


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