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Monday, September 30, 2019

9pm deadline

Hi Friend,

We are short of our target and your contribution would be huge!
Rep Eshoo is obviously outraising us with all the PAC and Special Interest Group (SIG) money - but we have pledged to NOT accept contributions from SIG or PAC or Big Pharma. Keeping it simple!

This campaign is powered by people power
Would you please make a contribution here 
https://www.rishikumar.com/contribute FEC limit is $2,800 per election cycle.  

9PM is the deadline: You can scroll down and hit the contribute button


When our campaign goes door to door, we are getting great support. Here are a few reasons why:
#1 Rishi
is the only Democrat that has pledged to NOT accept any Special Interest Group money or Fossil Fuel money or Tobacco money or Big Pharma money or Healthcare Insurance money. He is running against Congresswoman Eshoo (D-CA 18th district) who has been in office for 26 years now.
This run has been called "competitive" by the pundits.

Rishi's agenda of solving problems and people-centric behavior is resonating well with the voters. Rishi is a Silicon Valley hi-tech software executive, and Saratoga councilmember in his 2nd term

#2 Rishi brings a new leadership for the future of Silicon Valley via a nexus of tech and political success towards his candidacy for United States Congress from Silicon Valley's congressional district 18.  Rishi is running with deep commitment to you and public service. He plans to inject fresh ideas and new energy into Congress, making a real difference.

#3 Rishi has policy agendas that includes a better healthcare program, addressing the imperative of our time such as climate change, solve our housing and transportation woes and reduce crime. Politics is local! Rishi's policy priorities are at 

#4 Citizen-centric values in Washington? How novel! Rishi is committed to do the right thing for our citizens stepping up for the toughest challenges and solving problems diligently via focused efforts, to bring people-centric values to Washington and change the broken culture in DC where special interest groups are having a field day and the voices of people are not being heard.

#5 Rishi gets tech and Silicon Valley's innovation agenda. Rishi is invested to grow our innovation economy and position Silicon Valley for  economic success and technology domination. Do you recall the Zuckerberg and Pichai congressional hearings from 2018?  As we begin to talk about how AI, automation, and globalization will impact jobs and a 21st century economy, we must ensure our leaders are well-versed in shaping the debate and steering America towards a new vibrant future. Rishi understands the Silicon Valley innovation and the new economy. Do you think our elected leaders are prepared to address how the acceleration and adoption of such technology is vastly changing our nation. Congress has leaders that are "technology illiterate." We can do better!

Watch these videos for additional context on Rishi's run:

Your kind support would be huge at this stage

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