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Monday, September 2, 2019

Rush hour with Rishi - Tuesdays @ 5pm

Hi Friend,

Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating American workers and their rights.
My congressional run is about fighting for our working families, a daily activity for me, which includes speaking up for "equal pay for women" and for the knowledge workers of the valley.
 Today is the day for us to contemplate how we can usher in a new era of sustained prosperity, reduce income inequality and restore dignity, respect for all who work. These are the motivating factors for my run and listening is a huge enabler of that...

Here are my 3 listening opportunities this month. Please do join:
- RUSH HOUR WITH RISHI, Tuesdays @ 5pm
- Meet Rishi at a town hall meeting near you. The next one is in Mountain View on Saturday, Sept 7th @11AM.
- Please educate Rishi www.RishiKumar.com/survey

Listening defines success for elected leaders.  That is why I have knocked on doors in every city of our congressional district.  I seek to continue the listening.
How about  a weekly video conversation "Rush hour with Rishi". Add this weekly link  https://zoom.us/j/339148831 to your calendar as a weekly Tuesday 5pm event.

How? Download the zoom app on your smart phone today. 
Click on this link for the invite to be added to your calendar

On Tuesday on your drive home, click on this URL https://zoom.us/j/339148831 from your calendar and you will join 


We continue to run 3 town hall meetings a month - one in each county

I look forward to meeting you at these monthly town hall meetings and having a thoughtful conversation on the issues that impact us such as healthcare, traffic gridlock, housing & homelessness, air traffic noise, innovation, climate change, preserving our open space, etc.  Please RSVP now.

Take the survey ahead of our town hall meeting  www.RishiKumar.com/survey
For a complete list of my policy priorities, visit my website http://www.rishikumar.com/priorities 

Read this to find out more about our campaign and reasons for running.

As an elected leader, I believe in making fearless citizen-centric choices to address the top challenges of our community. That is why I am the only Congressional candidate in this race to take the pledge to refuse large corporate and special interest donations
  • Rishi has taken the "No Health Insurance and Pharma Money Pledge"

  • Rishi has pledged to NOT accept any PAC or Special Interest Group money

We have been hosting 3 town hall meetings a month. Rep. Eshoo has also begun hosting town hall meetings. But questions are being asked by healthcare activists at these town hall meetings, specifically the Big Pharma ties to Rep Eshoo and the fact that she gets the most money from the Pharma Industry compared to any other congressional member in the United States.

You may know that Rep Anna Eshoo chairs the House healthcare subcommittee. Healthcare burgeoning costs and the opioid crisis is a huge issue in our country and there is mounting concern for the right reasons.

LOBBYISTS ARE INFLUENCING THE AMERICAN AGENDA - $1.2B spent Have you seen the Intercept report? This is very alarming and concerning that $1.2B has been spent by lobbyist in our country. Lobbyists are influencing the agenda of politicians and not the needs of our citizens. This is what is wrong with America today! We need citizen/centric politicians who will take the #NoPAC pledge, not take #SIG money. I will always put the people of our district first and no lobbyist will influence my vote. Right here in our home district, over $7M special interest money has been plunked into campaign funds. Will elected leaders who accept all this money be able to truly represent the people?


As a Saratoga City Councilmember, we took on an investor owned water utility company and helped reject, reduce and suspend many of their rate increase proposals that would have adversely impacted a million residents of Silicon Valley. Here is a video of my speech at a CPUC public hearing (11/17)

We focus our town hall meetings on neighborhood crime which has become a significant source of concern in every Silicon Valley city.  As Saratoga's councilmember,  we stemmed the tide on increasing burglaries. Watch this video to learn how Saratoga crime dropped by almost 50%.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my listening meetings.

 Rishi Kumar
Candidate for United States Congress CD18



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