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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Friend,

Happy Mother's Day. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time celebrating the special women in your lives who showed their children the love and support they needed to be the best.

For me, there are two important women who consistently teach me the power of love and push me to do the best for every member of our community.

My mother, Shanta, had a tremendous impact on my life. As a child – and still to this day – I view my mother as the shining example of what I could aspire to be. She is the one who instilled the zeal into me, to be fearless and always stand strong for things that matter. When I look back to all the sacrifices she took for her family, I find it amazing how she had the fortitude to do so.  She has definitely defined me to the person today I am. Her rigor, passion, tenacity and courage are the tenets that I bring with me to my hi-tech job, the City Council and to everything I do in our community. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me and for her grandchildren.

And to my wife Seema, every day is a blessing with her. She continues to inspire our family every day to do the right thing and look kindly upon the world. She has made sure that this strong fearless voice has the platform to serve, and stayed every step of the way. I am proud to call her my wife and to see she's raised our sons to be the boys they are.  

Thank you to all the Mothers out there - both by birth and chosen - for all you do every day for women across the country. Hats off to all the moms of the world who sparkle the world with the special brand of motherly love, compassion and for encouraging the gentle spirit

May it be a special Mother's Day for you and all your loved ones!

Rishi Kumar


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