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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Join our leadership team

Are you looking to empower yourself with a transformative leadership role? Check this out!

Hi Friend,

Are you interested in testing boundaries, leading teams and applying your creative juices daily? If so, apply now for this volunteer leadership role!

Apply today at to be invited for an interview. See the list of roles below.

We are seeking dynamic leaders to join the Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020 leadership team. You will execute a specific functional task, implementing the campaign strategy, while leading a young high-energy grassroots campaign team. You will be part of the leadership team leading the articulation of "Our Future is Now" message with the voters of California's congressional district 18

Apply today!  Here are the open positions:

  • Director, Social Media
  • Director, Data Analytics 
  • Director Media (Video/Podcast) 
  • Director, Public Relations 
  • Director, Policy Research
  • Director, Marketing
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director Communication
  • Director, Technology/ IT
  • Director, Operations
  • Director, Fundraiser
  • Director, Pandemic Manager
  • Director, Phone Banking
  • Director, Program Management
  • Director, Field Operations

Email for info.

College students can apply for management roles at Here is the list:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Analytics Manager  
  • Communications Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Public Relations Manager  
  • Policy Research Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Field Manager  
  • Human Resources Manager  
  • Technology / IT Manager
  • Operations Manager  
  • Fundraiser Manager  
  • Pandemic Manager (NPPT)
  • Phone Banking Manager
  • GOTV Manager  
  • Executive Assistant to Rishi Kumar
  • Program Manager  
  • Podcast Manager of Reality Check with Rishi" 

Internship: Empower your student at home with this leadership opportunity 

Middle school and high school  can get involved in the community by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 Internship program. This is Year #6 of Rishi's summer internship program 
Submit your application here

We are looking for an engineering major to intern with the "Reality Check with Rishi" weekly podcast. Apply at 

To get involved, submit your info at and you will be invited to a short interview.


- Rishi Kumar



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