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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Security in the Covid-19 world at 6:30pm

President of RSA Security, Rohit Ghai is on the 6:30pm podcast today talking tech

Hi Friend,

  • Don't forget to join the python class today. If you have questions, ask on slack. Here is the slack link
  • Summer Internship opportunity for middle, high and college students. Find the details here
    NOTE: If you are interested to get involved with our pandemic efforts, please email me. We are empowering new leaders in every neighborhood of Silicon Valley who are stepping up and helping their neighbors
  • Take the Coronavirus survey. Provide us your viewpoint on how we can forge a better path forward  
  • Check out the Coronavirus Newsletter. Hyperlinked easy to access info

"Reality Check with Rishi" -  lineup of speakers this week. 
Visit this link to get the updated lineup every week.

5/4 Shelter-in-Place Coding @ 5pm-6pm (Monday-Thursday) Week #3 of  "Weekday Shelter in Home Entrepreneurship & Coding" Learn Python, Java and JavaScript. No charge 10 week program. Register : Find the video archives of prior sessions at

5/7 @ 6:30pm Tech Thursday. "Digital risk in a post Covid-19 world and the evolving security business" Fireside chat with Rohit Ghai, President of RSA Security
WHEN: Thursday, May 7th @6:30pm
#TechThursday #RealityCheckwithRISHI

5/8 @ 5pm - Friday Happy Hour. Meet the neighborhood Leaders, Topic: "Community leadership and empowerment."  Share your personal stories of how you are helping neighbors that would inspire and evoke dialogue. Stories about community engagement and how it benefited the world around you.

5/9 @ 6:30pm Youth Friday - Town hall meeting with Silicon Valley's high school students. "Impactful Policies with RIshi" this Friday. RSVP :

5/9 @ 2:30pm Meet Rishi Saturday - Meet and Greet with Rishi  "Policy discussion with RIshi" RSVP :

5/10 @ 4PM-5pm College Admission Saturday  Flex College Prep will present on the topic of "College Admission Demystified in the Post Covid-19 world."
Meet the experts from Flex College Prep, Ben Robbins, Principal Consultant, Director of Admissions Consulting. Ben has a Bachelor's degree from Yale University and his college placements include but are not limited to Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Pomona, Brown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Santa Clara University, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, as well as selective Aviation and Art programs. Ben specializes in communicating your story via essay

5/10 @ 2pm  Career Sunday.
Mom Relaunch. Mommies who took a break and are looking to find a job and transition into an IT career should join this webinar by Mom Relaunch.. See an intro from the Mom Relaunch team: "Mom Relaunch's mission is to bridge the gap between career returners/transitioners and the need for skilled talent. We empower candidates with training, hands-on skills, mentoring and support services to optimize a successful relaunch into IT career. Mom Relaunch has specifically designed a LaunchPad program which gets candidates ready and relevant. The LaunchPad is key to the Mom Relaunch initiative; it is where candidates are given the opportunity and tools to build up their skill-sets and provide real work experience for them to return to new career with confidence.: RSVP

5/17 @ 2pm  Career Sunday "How to launch a startup"
Get expert advice on how you can launch your startup and succeed. Amit Seth a serial entrepreneur and investor will provide you insights

5/10 @ 4PM  Wellness Sunday "Cooking for Wellness in the Coronavirus world"
Cooking up a storm with Kalpana Jaswa
Make sure you have the ingredients ready for this virtual cooking class. We will email you the list.
You can cook too while watching Kalpana cook, even ask questions

Internship: Empower your student at home with this leadershp opportunity 

Students can get involved in the community by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 Internship program. This is Year #6 of Rishi's summer internship program

We are looking for an engineering major to intern with the "Reality Check with Rishi" weekly podcast. Apply at

To get involved, submit your info at and you will be invited to a short interview.


Rishi Kumar
- Candidate for U.S Congress


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