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Monday, May 4, 2020

Week 3 coding / entrepreneurship begins

Find below and internship opportunity for the youth of Silicon Valley

Hi Friend,

Today@ 5pm, week 3 of our coding-entrepreneurship program resumes.   "Weekday Shelter in Home Entrepreneurship & Coding" Learn Python, Java and JavaScript. Curriculum and Registration :
Even if you missed a few classes, you can still catch up by watching the videos @

internship: Empower your student at home with this leadershp opportunity 

Students can get involved in the community by joining the Kumar for Congress 2020 Internship program. This is Year #6 of Rishi's summer internship program

We are looking for an engineering major to intern with the "Reality Check with Rishi" weekly podcast. Apply at

In the past our podcast has invited the following folks:

  • - Amit Walia, President, Informatica
  • - Navin Chaddha, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
  • - Raj Jaswa, Entrepreneur Guru
  • - Venk Shukla, General Partner, Monta Vista Capital

To get involved, submit your info at and you will be invited to a short interview.

Check out the Coronavirus newsletter at


Rishi Kumar
- Candidate for U.S Congress


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