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Sunday, June 30, 2019

An engineer in United States Congress? Hmm...haven't heard of that before

Hi Friend,

Here is my plea. We are ready close the 2nd quarter today @ 9pm
Can you please make a contribution of $250 or $500 or $1000 to our campaign today before 9pm?
Please make sure you stay below the $2800/person Federal limit


Close friends have asked me this question "Rishi why are you running?"

And I speak with absolute authenticity when I say, "I am running as there is a deep joy that I have discovered when I am helping people. That is my purpose in life! Why do you think I am so happy doing what I am doing?"


The funds I seek for the campaign is obviously not for me.  That is why I ask!

I am asking for your participation to help a million people - especially the ones who are completely ignored by the powers that be. It is really very simple

Together, let us raise the karmic index and build a vision for the future of Silicon Valley.


When people look at this race I often hear, "Wow Rishi! You are brave".  

Yes - that certainly stands for who I am, what I am doing on the Saratoga city council, and what I will do in United States Congress

Will I be beholden to Special Interest groups that trample upon American people, especially the ones that do not have a voice? There is a lot going on with that on both sides of the aisle

I am an engineer, a hi-tech executive, not a career politician!

I'm running to remove special interests from our democracy. That is why I have taken the pledge to refuse any special interest, lobbyist, and corporate donations.


Nearly $1.5 Billion was spent by special interests to influence our 2018 Congressional elections. What's more damning is that number does not include dark money by Super PACs. Our Democracy is Under the Influence of special interests, lobbyists, and big corporations. 

 Will our elected leader who accepts all this money be able to truly represent the people?

I doubt it. Or will they be beholden to these special interest groups? II believe they will

Will you donate $500 to bring change to our district? 



My refusal to receive special interest money will make me beholden to the people of our districts, not those at the top. Together, we will fix the issues plaguing our nation, such as making healthcare affordable, preparing the next generation to succeed in a 21st Century economy, and finding solutions to our housing crisis and traffic congestion. How about a valley tech guy quadrupling the economy of our valley?

Tomorrow, the campaign will have to report our Q2 numbers. We were able to outraise our competitor with individual donors last quarter, but we know outside money and "special interest groups" will outmatch our efforts.

Can you please make a contribution of $250 or $500 or $1000 to our campaign today? 

Thank you for all your support!


With warm regards,

Rishi Kumar
Candidate for United States Congress CD18

Current City Councilmember, Saratoga (2nd term)



Paid For By Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020

Kumar for Congress 2020
12988 B Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road
Saratoga, CA 95070
United States

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