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Monday, June 24, 2019

Closing Series A Round

Hi Friend,

Silicon Valley often calls geeks as the true rockstars; we value the power of innovation and great ideas.  I live and breathe the innovation agenda as a valley software executive and as an elected leader.

With Silicon Valley's work ethics, I have been wired for innovation and problem solving, to get things done in a "cheaper, faster and better" manner for my community.

That is my motivation in running for United States Congress from California's congressional district 18 - the heart of Silicon Valley.

Our campaign is getting very encouraging support as we go door-to-door with some very high-energy, enthusiastic volunteers who truly believe in the need  to define a  new vision for the future of Silicon Valley and for our country. 

And...the nature of campaigns is they need funding. We did a decent "seed funding" round last quarter. We are closing out "Series A" on June 30th. We would love for you to participate. 

Will you please make a campaign contribution today?   Contribute


As an elected leader, I have taken on the tough challenges of my community. My drive to deliver results to my community led to a dramatic re-election win last year. I was humbled to get the most votes in the past 60 years of Saratoga's election history, based on results we delivered.

Our Washington politicians are stuck in the past and are ill-prepared to discuss the challenges our working families face. From job displacements stemming from AI, automation and globalization, preparing our youth for jobs of the future, or figuring out how to combat the Bay Area's housing crisis. Net neutrality, which is the foundation of Silicon Valley's startup economy, is in jeopardy. 

Do you remember watching the Pichai and Zuckerberg hearing? Can we do better?

As constituents, we are left hearing orchestrated soundbites and rhetoric with little being done to fix the issues on hand, while the lobbyists have a field day pushing their narrative upon American citizens.

Silicon Valley deserves leaders who have a substantive plan, and a strong vision for the challenges our people will face today, and in the future.  We need someone who will not bow down to these special interest groups, but bring citizen-centric values.

What value can someone with the mindset of "Getting Things Done" , of standing up for the people, and for their aspirations, one who understand tech intimately as a former IBMer and a current Silicon Valley hi-tech executive, deliver for the residents of Silicon Valley? 

  • Can we leverage Silicon Valley's culture and innovation spirit to change the culture of Washington?
  • How can we quadruple the Silicon Valley economy via citizen-centric "quality of life" innovation?  How can we prevent the exodus of talent from the valley - a net 165 leaving every month in 2017, versus a net 2000 increasing every month in 2015?
  • Can we innovate to solve our top challenges and the economic health of Silicon Valley via a data-driven approach? How do we amplify and preserve our innovation legacy? 

When elected to congress, I will bring Silicon Valley's culture of innovation to expand opportunities for every American – to using 21st century technology to combat climate change, to addressing the housing & transportation challenges my community faces with every passing year.  

I vow to be an advocate for phenomenal Silicon Valley success; to do the right thing for our people, devoid of special interest groups.

 Rishi Kumar
Candidate for United States Congress CD18
Paid for by Kumar for Congress 2020  || COMMITEE ID C00695866 |  Email:  || Phone 408 805 5993  || @rishikumar1  || P O BOX 2653 Saratoga CA 95070 



Paid For By Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020

Kumar for Congress 2020
P O BOX 2653 Saratoga
United States

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