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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Why we will win with integrity! Totally Unbought!

Hi Friend,

I believe in making citizen-centric choices.

I believe in standing by the people.

As an elected leader, I believe in one thing - to make fearless citizen-centric choices to address the top challenges of my constituents. As a Saratoga city councilmember, we took on an investor owned water utility company and helped reject many of their rate increase proposals that would have adversely impacted a million residents of Silicon Valley. Not many had tried doing something that we managed to. We took on the rising crime challenge in Saratoga that no other elected leader wanted to touch, and we reduced burglaries by almost 50% with a focused, innovative approach - the largest drop compared to any other comparable Silicon Valley city.

That is how we got the most votes in Saratoga's election history.

How? Simply, by doing the right thing for the people and just taking the first step to address something wrong. We brought the hi-tech energy, innovation, "outside the box" thinking and the "getting things done" attitude to the role of an elected leader;. The result has been very encouraging! This is exactly what I will continue doing in Congress.

For this Congressional run, I will NOT be accepting large corporate donations or allow myself to be lobbied and bought by special interests. Our run is to represent the voice and the needs of the people. 

We believe that rejecting corporate and PAC money is a very powerful statement on the integrity that our elected leaders should exhibit in America.

THat is why we are going to win this race!

With your support of course

We are pushing fast and furiously with our quarterly fundraising deadline at the end of June.

We are relying upon people like you and me to fund this campaign. 

Will you please make a campaign contribution today? Just click on the link and make a contribution today 

🇺🇸 Rishi Kumar 🇺🇸
Candidate for United States Congress CD18
Paid for by Kumar for Congress 2020  || COMMITEE ID C00695866 |  Email:  || @rishikumar1  


Paid For By Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020

Kumar for Congress 2020
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