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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dinner invitation in Saratoga to support Rishi Kumar's run for United States Congress

Hi Friend,

How about a hi-tech valley executive representing Silicon Valley in US Congress?  

Isn't it about time we got someone who understands tech intimately, leading and representing SIlicon Valley in Washington?

Mayura and I are delighted to invite you to join us over dinner and support Rishi Kumar's run for U.S Congress from Congressional District 18 . Rishi is a bright, next-generation leader and a "rising star" in American politics. Rishi is a Silicon Valley hi-tech software executive, Saratoga City Councilmember in his 2nd term, and has been an involved Silicon Valley community leader for more than a decade now, a strong political regional leader, and with a "Getting Things Done" platform delivered strong success on many fronts.

Rishi is running a good grassroots campaign, as he usually does and based on voter feedback is tracking well to become Silicon Valley's representative in United States Congress. Rishi is the exemplary community, tech and political leader we need representing Silicon Valley in Washington and we are going all out to support Rishi's run towards a strong win.  

Please join us in supporting Rishi at a dinner fundraiser we are hosting at our home this Sunday.

WHEN: Sunday, June 9th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

WHERE: The Home of Mayura and Ram Jayam

Address provided upon RSVP

A little bit about me, following the Silicon Valley tradition, I have had a lot of opportunities building successful startups. The most recent one was acquired by Citrix and I'm currently working on my next one.

Why am I supporting Rishi? Rishi will be a special addition to Congress - he lives and breathes the Silicon Valley Tech industry, bringing a strong nexus of tech, politics and community. I find Rishi very approachable and really connects well with people. He is there to serve and help people - that is his agenda! He is there in public service for the right reason, operateing with authenticity and integrity. I trust in Rishi to represent us well.

You may know that Rishi got the most votes in Saratoga's election history last year. Rishi got it done for Saratoga! Rishi rallied the community to protest San Jose Water's rate increases, rolling out a water protest app as part of the innovative process , and many rate increase proposals were rejected, reduced or suspended benefiting a million people of Silicon Valley.  As Saratoga's councilmember,  Rishi stemmed the tide on increasing burglaries by building awareness and establishing some interesting and innovative measures that dropped burglaries 47% - the largest drop compared to any other comparable Silicon Valley city.

Please join this fundraiser dinner to meet Rishi and discuss solutions to tackle our increasing burglaries, housing and traffic woes, along with other challenges such as burgeoning healthcare/drug prices, and a declining education system.

There is a significant quality of life challenges that our citizens are facing centered around housing and transportation challenges.

How can we together address the challenges of today's world, while building a better vision for tomorrow.  

Bring your policy ideas. and bring your children too, get them inspired. Oh, don't forget to bring your check books too. Rishi deserves Saratoga's support!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Ram Jayam

Saratoga resident





Paid For By Rishi Kumar for Congress 2020

Kumar for Congress 2020
P O BOX 2653 Saratoga
United States

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